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Pareidolia – Observing imagined patterns, shapes or meaning where none exists.

Hubble Heritage is holding a competition on their Facebook page, titled Creative Challenge. In the contest, contestants are given an image and they must use their imagination and creativity to show what they see in that image.

This month’s Creative Challenge shows us an image of the Carina Nebula:

Carina Nebula

Do you see anything here?

I did. Here‘s what I saw, titled Cosmic Collision (Not posting the image itself, so as not to ruin anybody else’s imagination of what this beautiful image might contain). And here‘s a top/bottom comparison of the two images.

To check out what others are seeing in this nebula, please check out Hubble Heritage’s Facebook page.

And as I pointed out earlier, this is a contest! And the winner of that contest would be determined by how many likes his/her pareidolia image gets. So if you like what I have done here, do remember to ‘Like’ my image of Cosmic Collision on Facebook here. Each ‘Like’ that the image gets brings it closer to winning!

Above all, come and be a part of this contest! Let your imagination run wild!

Do you like my image of the Cosmic Collision? Let me know in the comments and in this poll: